Evolution of Evolutionary Thought Time Line
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1707 - 1788: Comte du Buffon

1707-1788: Comte du Buffon (2)

Carl Linnaeus

Erasmus Darwin

Jean Lamarck

Thomas Malthus

Georges Cuvier

Geoffrey St. Hilaire

Adam Sedgwick

Charles Lyell
Charles Lyell (2)

Richard Owen

Louis Agassiz

Gregor Mendel
Gregor Mendel 2

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin (2)
Charles Darwin (3)

Patrick Matthew
Patrick Matthew (2)

A. Russell Wallace

A. Russel Wallace (2)

Thomas H. Huxley

Ernst Haeckel

August Weismann

Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegnener (2)

Richard Goldschmidt

Julian Huxley

Sewall Wright

Ronald Fisher

Ronald Fisher (2)

J.B.S. Haldane

J.B.S Haldane (2)

Louis Leakey
Mary Leakey

Jane Goodall

Scopes Trial

Scopes Trial (2)

Theodosious Dobzhansky

Theodosious Dobzhansky2

Bernhard Rensch

Bernhard Rensch (2)

G.G. Simpson

G. G. Simpson (2)
G.G. Simpson (3)

Ernst Mayr

G. Ledyard Stebbins

1973 - Tomok99o Ohta

1973 Tomoko Ohta (2)

1974 - "Lucy" - Australopithecus

Uner Tan

Uner Tan (2)

1967-2010 - Leigh Van Valen

Jared Diamond

1986 - 2010 - Nancy A. Moran

Nicole King

1998 - Thierry Lode

1999-2008 - Kansas Board of Education Science Standards

Marion J. Lamb

Marion J Lamb (2)

Stephen Jay Gould

2011 - New Mexico Legislature 2011 Session House Bill 302