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Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon (1707-1788)


Comte De Buffon was a French naturalist who believed in organic change. Buffon was born in Montbard.
Burgendy. He wrote an encyclopedia which contained information about the evolvement of the natural word in his perspective. He believed that the evolvement of the world was through organic particles.
Buffon considered that man evolved from apes, but through further studies denied that it wasn't accurate. He studied biogeography which spiraled his idea that living organisms evolve over a period of time after traveling the world and seeing different wild life. His 36 volume of work titled
Histoire naturelle,
inspired many after his death, which allowed the theory of evolution to live on. His writings contained much information about his beliefs that life occurred in natural events, rather than created by God.

-Comte De Buffon believed that species could change over a peroid of time.
-He suggested that similar organisms may have a common ancestor
- Buffon discussed the origins of the solar system, explaning that the planets had been created by comet collisions with the sun
- Buffon observed that some animals retain parts that aren't good and no longer useful, suggesting that they have evolved rather than having been spontaneously generated.
- He made the suggestion that species may have both "improved" and "degenerated" after dispersing from a center of creation
- He inferred that climate change might have facilitated the worldwide spread of species from their centers of origin.
gsdOrigin.jpg A diagram of Buffon's beliefs used in his 36 volume writing.

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