You may work in groups of two, and you must choose a chemical equation from those offered by your teacher. You will create a wiki page to showcase the chemical equation, and you will present it to the class. The wiki links are already created for each class. You will have to join the wiki, and make sure you write down your username and password in you agenda or your phone - your teacher will not be able to recover your password! Please note that you and your partner cannot save your wiki page at the same time, so it is often best to use just one computer between the two of you.

In your wiki there needs to be:
1) A header/title section that shows your chemical reaction and classifies it - 20 points
2) at least TWO pictures that apply to your chemical reaction and apply to your equation -
- 20 points
3) a paragraph describing each element, enzyme or compound in the equation (what are the "ingredients" of the reaction?) - 40 points
4) a paragraph explaining why the chemical reaction is so important or significant in life - 50 points
5) a concluding paragraph that summarizes the importance of chemical reactions in everyday life. - 50 points
6) list all of your sources - 20 points
Also, a great presentation of your information can also earn up to 20 points
Total points possible: 220/200 (the project is worth 200 points and you can earn up to 20 points extra credit)

Below are links to the different chemical equations you can choose from. You will click on the link for the chemical equation you will do for your class after you have confirmed with with your teacher. You will then edit the page and create your wiki including the information listed above. Good luck!

Nicole's A block

Nicole's B-block

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Sandra's D-block

Sandra's E-block