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Adam Sedgwick (22 March 1785 – 27 January 1873)SummaryAdam Sedgwick was born in Dent, England in March 22,1785. He is the third oldest from a group of 7 siblings. Adam studied at the University of Cambridge and Trinity College where he studied mathematics and theology and later he found his passion for geology. He collected rocks and studied them for a long time and he would try to figure out exactly where did all the worlds structure come from. Charles Darwin learned from the accomplishments of Adam but Adam was not to surprised at Darwin's work because he did not think Darwin's evolution theories were correct. Although women did not have much power at this time he trusted women could make contributions to natural history.Adam was well known for his work with rocks and how the world is how it is. He is one of the founders of Geology. He built many theories of how the world looked like when it first started and he named it different things. His first theory about the world was named the Devonian period. It was a map of how all the continents looked like three hundred ninety million of years ago. He also came up with another one called the Cambrian period and it is when small organisms were at their simplest form. This is when organisms started roaming the ocean floors of the world. There were no land animals at this time and no land plants but most of the world like today is covered by water and the only organisms that lived at this time were sea creatures. Adam mainly focused on his main study which was the study of rocks and he did discover a whole lot about rocks like layers and what they mean.Citations
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