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Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913)

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Time LineRussel wallace began his exploration with a man named Henry Edwards, they traveled around the world looking for anima species to sell to the united kingdom. After his exploration with Henry Edwards, he went on a ship named Helen to collect more world wide research of specimens, but only after 26 days of being on sea the cargo caught fire and all his research was lost. he then returned to London, in London he wrote six academic papers and two books. At the age of 31 wallace traveled to Malaysia to collect more animal species, from his reach in the Malaysia he discovered the zoological boundary now know as the Wallace line. when he retured to England he moved in with his sister an her husband. He would get money by doing lectures at local schools. his lectures mostly being about natural selection, sexual selection. he then married a women named Annie Mitten, he had three children.

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Russell Wallace was a British naturalist, anthropologist, biologist and geographer. Russell was most known for the work he did involving the theory of evolution by natural selection. He started his work in the Amazon River and the Malay Archipelago. While doing his research there he discovered the Wallace Line, this was a discovery of western species and eastern species. Wallace also was a big help in co-discoveries like the Wallace effect which was a hypothesis on how natural selection could contribute to speciation by encouraging the development of barriers against hybridization. Russell Wallace had his science bur he also had his very strong opinions; he believed that there was an unjust social and economic system in the19th century Britain. With is strong opinions came a research he started to raise concern over the environmental impact of human activity. Through all his work Russell Wallace was not a wealthy man, he had no family or wealth to help him through his struggles. Russel wallace died at the age of 90. he pasted away at home in his country home, before his death he asked his wife to have him buried in a small town Westminster Abbey.

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