Background Information: Wind energy is known to be bothersome but it also has its plus sides...
1)They make very little noise (about 45 decibels). An American home has louder background noise (50 DB).
2)The National Audubon Society says that turbines only result in half of bird deaths, the household cat kills more (33,000::100-200 million).
3) Views of turbines has not decreased home property value, some people view them as beautiful.
4) No pollution is released from the turbines; They displace 2,697, 175 pounds of CO2 and 14172 pounds of sulfar dioxide, and 8688 pounds of NOx.
5) Turbines have low costs! Which avoids future risk of increased fuel price and increases local tax base. It generates energy for urban areas via regional utiility grid all without using nearly as much water as oil and gas plants.
6) We are number one in the world for importing oil and gas from idigenous countries, and it makes many people happy to supply ourselves from our own country to build our national security.
7) Flicker Problem: When housing is to close to wind farms and the spinning blades cause a flickering of moving shadows.
Blade Concerns: Flying ice chunks due to snow build up. MYTH! When snow builds up it slows down the blades so much that sometimes they stop moving all together, and eventually the snow will drop off or melt. Blades spinning out of control and killing someone. MOSTLY MYTH! The only death caused by the blades is when a skydiver jumped out of a plane in an unscheduled stop..

The Best Places in New Mexico for Wind Farms:


Benefits for Wind Energy

Provides more employments and makes lease payments to landowners of approximately $800,000 annually, makes regional purchases of project goods and services of about $600,000 annually. Provides annual property taxes of $500,000, creates no air or water pollution, uses no water in the generation of electricity, and allows land to remain in agricultural use. Besides all these Financial reasons, Wind energy would be a lot better in decreasing our global warming rate, and hopefully get rid of air pollution.

Wind Farms New Mexico
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Current Information:

Currently, many states use wind turbines to generate kinetic energy from the wind. Wind turbines can be seen as big fans found anywhere, it is a sufficient way to be eco-friendly.
PNM is New Mexico's wind energy center. It manufactures our wind energy and owns 136 wind turbines that range to be about 210 feet. Wind turbines rely on wind to generate energy. The least amount of wind needed is 8 mph up to 55 mph.
About 200 megawatts are used to produce the power for the wind turbines. PNM expects to obtain millions due to the economical benefit the turbines will produce.

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Drawbacks of our energy:
Flaws in our energy resourse is that it could be costly. Obtaining the type of machinery used to generate an eco-friendly wind source, such as wind turbines, can be a financial burden. Also, finding the time and space can be somewhat inconvienient. Since the wind turbines souly rely on wind to generate energy, the amount of energy produced won't be consistent, also, wind might nont be produced at all.if there is not the right amount of wind. The use of wind turbines won't produce the same amount of energy as regular energy resources. Wind turbines are rather noisy and leave the peaceful country side not so peaceful.
New Mexico's Energy Map:

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