Kansas Science Standards
1999 – 2008

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Beginning in the year 1999, Kansas Board of Education decided that it would be best to remove evolution from the science curriculum of Kansas state schools. The Kansas Board of Education believed that the teaching of evolution went against their beliefs and religions; the book of Genesis to be exact. The decision made by the Kansas Board of Education was a clash of values between religion and schooling. The schools did not want the students to be taught "theoretical science" because the scientific theories created, like the Big Bang Theory, went against their beliefs from the book of Genesis.
Kansas schools believed that the origin of man came from God and not evolution, as theoretical science states. Kansas schools want "technological science" to be taught because it is factual and focuses on what is known rather than what is thought. Theoretical science is the opposite, it is just based on theory and thought. According to the New York Times, all of this debating may have been disregarded becuase the school board was receiving new members.
In my personal opinion, I think it is better for the school to teach the factual knowledge, and leave the religion and personal beliefs for their parents to teach them. It is better to separate school from religion because not everybody believes in the same religion, or believes in the same origin of certain things.

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